I'm a newly single 49 year old woman (dumped by my soul mate after 25 years together), and the men I'm dating say they have much more trouble finding partners than I do. I'm approached by men who are both younger and older, and, really, spoiled for choice.

I realize this is an N of 1, but I don't relate AT ALL to the sentiment of "where are all the good/attractive/fun men?" More like, "there are so many great guys out there, and not enough time to get to know them all." The guys I'm seeing are super sweet, considerate, and affectionate.

Why am I singing such a different tune than many of the women my age? A few possible reasons.

I diet and work out. I'm still the same weight I was in high school.

I always wear sunscreen. Protect your skin, ladies!

I genuinely enjoy men's company. I'm not bitchy or demanding. I don't take offense at a risque joke. I'm not a very witty or entertaining conversationalist, but I'm a good listener.