This Time is Different?

The reason is we are converging on a female farming system like type of social organisation where women provision for themselves and merely pick the best males for casual sex rather than picking males to be providers.

As a result men put all their effort into mating effort rather than parental effort.

"Other ecological systems can result in similar male withdrawal from being very paternal. At the time of European contact Indians of the Great Plains had only had horses for a century or so. The horse allowed a new efficiency in exploiting bison such that one or several males could provide weeks of food with only a few hours hunting. As in gardening systems males were essentially liberated from paternal work. When Europeans encountered these plains bison hunters the males were in many ways like the males in tropical gardening societies—-think for example of the exuberant body paint, shields, and headgear of the men. Another striking parallel with tropical gardeners was the sexual freedom of the women. If males are not investing then male concern with paternity, paternity certainty, and restrictions on female sexuality are all relaxed. Lewis and Clark’s accounts provide lively descriptions of the sexual freedom of Sioux women."

We are turning into the Sioux.