Anonymous wrote:

But that's ok.
I didn't say you ARE a man. I said you SOUND like one.
I also didn't say you don't have to attend to your appearance.
You SOUND like old women I know from the 50s and 60s who said women had to act a certain way to "catch a man" and if you didn't act this way, you'd end up alone...a cold sad spinster with a bunch of cats.
Women mostly no longer talk like this. Men do, however.
Nothing you said was new. Just very old outdated "advice." I don't want to have to "act" a certain way to get men. That it works for you, great. You can have all the men.

good advice for lonely unhappy women, all the negative replies sound like their author is unhappy.

it strange that you think a woman who you think has older views is going to have more men, the article says it is younger women who are changing their attitude and having more men, what I got from the other post is the person is happy with them self. it is attitude of both sexes that causes people to be happy in any relationship, from your post I would say you do not have this view.