I'm pretty sure I understand your point. I think you've misunderstood where I'm coming from though. I have no interest in "snagging a man." I'm dating several lovely men, and I've made it clear to all of them that I'm not interested in a relationship. My kids are almost grown. I have a job. I don't need a man to take care of me.

The guys I'm seeing are all lovely people. I enjoy their company and they enjoy mine. If you don't want to wear sunscreen, that's up to you. But for anyone who wants to be attractive (man or woman), appearance does matter. I've never thought of myself as particularly attractive (although my guys keep telling me I'm gorgeous). But it's awfully easy to rub some sunscreen on every morning, just like I brush my teeth.

It does matter to be kind to people, and care what they have to say. And if you go out expecting to be treated shitty, you can probably find a guy to fulfill those expectations. If you go out open to meeting sweet, intelligent men, there's plenty of them out there, too.