What difference does it make if a male who id's as straight has sex with a male prostitute, fuck buddy or any other male? Your argument implies that men who fuck male escorts or "fuck buddies" are legitimately straight, while straight men who fuck men who are NOT hookers or fuck buddies are bisexual. Do you not see the complete lack of logic in your contention? I suspect you are a straight female because they are the most freaked out and in denial about straight guys who have been or are sexually active with other men. Nothing threatens a female in a relationship like the possibility that her man occasionally enjoys sex with guys because there's absolutely no way she can compete with that, especially if he's like most straight men and prefers to be the receptive partner. Women can't ever have an actual penis; there's not even surgery available to trans men who wish to have one, so if hubby or bf likes to get it up the ass with a real live cock (which nearly every male prefers to a strap on) then he will be resorting to going on the down low, hitting up Craigs List or Grindr to find a hook up (or more) and get his relief. As I mentioned in my post, Kay, I have had sex with several women and while there was an element of pleasure involved my encounters ultimately only reinforced my homosexuality. Like it or not, there are plenty of guys in college who, after partying, watching porn, in a straight sex dry spell or plain old curiosity become physically involved with other guys. You should deal with that instead of worrying about labels and being blindly convinced that any man you're ever with is one hundred percent straight. No such thing, girl.