Thank you for your candid comments and remarks. I am a "straight" married man to a woman of many years and I find your observation to be incredibly correct. I think there can of course be other contributing factors as well. Such as men who after many years of marriage find themselves in a "sex-less" marriage but in my situation I stumbled upon yet another classification of sexual opportunity. I found there are a significant number of young men from age 18-35 who like the "Coach and or Daddy figure sexually." Ironically I think of myself as the least attractive and the least appealing as I have added weight and lessened in appearance YET there are a group of good looking, and even often athletic young men who seek the Coach-Daddy type of image! Can you imagine the feeling when some of these guys refer to me as "Hot" and tell me how much I turn them on!! I'm not exaggerating here whatsoever. Men. All men have an ego and at this point in my life I am getting that ego taken care of by college age guys that find my desirable. I'm clearly overweight, balding, and NOT in good shape but yet I attract and have sex with college basketball players, rugby players, swimmers, good looking non athletes, and a variety of guys that also like me and they like me also shun anything feminine. I hate the panties thing or dress up. I find that to be revolting and it's not my scene and all of the college guys I have sex with share my thoughts about only doing this with other masculine guys. I am age 55 and I can get guys 18-34 who want and desire to have sex with me in varying degrees and this is not manipulation on my part and I never pay one red cent for the pleasure and enjoyment of sex with these young men. I also prefer to avoid kissing or other romantic aspects. This is another aspect that I know other men like me are also enjoying in their "Straight lives."