I identify as straight but have had sex with men. I'm not bi or gay. I don't fancy men, I'm not attracted to men, I don't feel any emotion during the act. It's just sex. Not love, not friendship, no other kind of relationship other than sexual relief.

I do not do anal, I do not take anal. I have no desire to have any form of penetrative sex with other men. I engage in oral and mutual masturbation, when I feel like it. I don't always feel like it.

I do prefer women. I have feeling's for women. I have been in love with women.

What I do with men is purely sexual and there is no other reason why I engage in sex with men. I wasn't abused as a child. I can and do have long term relationships with women. I do not engage in sex for money. What I do, I do for enjoyment, and because I can.

I don't gay bash. I let everyone be who they want to be. I don't label, prejudice or discriminate. I am who I am and I do what I enjoy doing.

I also have sex with women, who I consider to be Fuck buddies. We are not friends, there is no emotion, it's just sex. In a similar context, I have also engaged in group sex with both male and female participants.

When I have a relationship, with a women, we are friends and lovers. I usually have feelings for this person and the sex is far more emotional and engaging. It's a one on one relationship only, no outsiders are invited into this scenario and I do not engage in sexual activity outside of the relationship.

I have male friends, who are just that, friends. I do not tend to have female friends who I haven't slept with or would want to sleep with.

Each aspect of my sex life and emotional and social relationships are kept completely separate from the other. My friends are my friends, my fb's are my fb's, my sexual encounters with other men/women/group are anonymous and without emotion. And my relationships, as in the traditional sense, meet all my emotional requirements.

Life really isn't as complicated as many would have us believe.

That is all.