I feel that we are sexual rather than heterosexual bisexual or homosexual

I have had sex with both men and women but now I prefer sex with men

I have had sex with several married men and I have been having an affair with a married man for nearly two years.

I find it difficult to understand the split and also the fact that for the outside world he is straight - but in bed with me there isn't anything we haven't tried.

We are emotionally involved and that is the hard part.

We never spent a night together and there is a lot of guilt on his part; he is terrified of being found out.

I have had another sexual relationship with a married man whose wife knew he slept with men and they had certain rules what he was allowed to do with another men; although I knew his name I never knew his surname, email address or mobile number.

Both initially lied about their relationships with their wifes - first they declared that they had gf and then they became their wives.