Absolutely! And it doesn't help that after many months of the hell of missing your child you are judged in less than 30 min (in which you are trying desperately to relay as much information as you can). How can it be anything but a very unnatural first impression of you? And if you were totally calm, unemotional and blase about losing your child, what kind of parent would you be? The abusive/controlling yet outwardly charming parent continues to have the power even right under the nose of so called professionals. The narcissistic parent is not ordered to a psychologist for assessment but the victim is instead to "cope with the grief" (which is another cost for the alienated parent.) Here's a no brainer of an idea...How about doing all possible to ensure a relationship (instead of aiding to destroy it) so their is no grief in the first place..?....for not only the alienated parent, but also the child who deep down has little option regardless of outward displays of hating alienated parent.