The system is so ignorant of personality disorders that I am currently being taken to court for 'pestering' my ex because I told her she had NPD and has alienated my daughter! My daughter is 21 and has just said she never wants to see me again, in the classic pattern of narcissistic alienation, and the court doesn't even see this as a problem!! My ex has provided Dr Baker and Childress' work in her evidence against me! Basically, 'family law' doesn't understand families or human relationships but why would they? It is staffed by people with the empathy deficient 'lawyer personality' who's role in life is to make money from an adversarial system. Narcs are competitive and aggressive and are a perfect match for this system. In my experience, the family law system is so little fit for purpose that it should be scrapped (but too many are making a lot of money from it for that to ever happen).