How insightful your article is! I hope you make a difference as you champion this cause. There are so many victims in the US because emotional abuse committed by the alienating parents unto the innocent children and their targeted parents, is simply not understood. Support groups on FB like "Parental Alienation Worldwide Support Group" is one of many due to this horrible familial epidemic becoming so prevalent.
To this I would add that in Florida for example, our Child Abuse Statute 827.03 does in fact include the word "emotional" in its definition,THREE times, in fact. This proves that Parental Alienation is "child abuse" by the statute's own definition.
I'm not certain if it helps but the victims' voices must be heard. I took the last six years to complete my book, "Protecting Emilie" (on Amazon) to help spread awareness of this court-enabled child abuse. I want to help spread awareness and if the courts are disinterested in hearing how a child began to cut her body, got diagnosed with Depression, PTSD, and ultimately became suicidal, because of parental alienation, then shame on our judicial system.
Please continue to fight the fight.