I managed to get 400 children calmed down and ready to learn in only two hours of my valuable time.

I live near an elementary school. The children never played outside. My area has had problems with children behaving badly when they are let out of school and causing trouble. Two years ago, I met with the school principal and asked why the children did not play outside. The principal told me that playing outside was unsafe and the children needed to concentrate on their classwork. I blew a gasket, and told her she needed to be fired.

Good news, a year later the principal found another place to work outside of our school system. The vice principal took her job and he was more reasonable. Last May I returned to the school and again complained about how the children received zero opportunity to exercise and relax. He agreed.

Now the children are outdoors and playing. The boys kick a ball around and the girls push each other in a friendly manner. There is a lot of jumping and carousing. The kids seem happy and then return to the classroom tired and ready to work.

The kids are less jumpy when they leave school and they do less damage to the community. They probably all need fewer mind-altering drugs. Win win, and all it took was a couple of trips to the principals office and some well placed anger and finger-pointing.