I should have researched your name in my book,
"The Secret Meaning Of Names" by Pierre ?
It's a very hard to get book. It describes the character
traits behind 9,000 names. If I'd looked up your name,
I would never have gotten into this long-range tussle,
we seem to have. "Mary's" can be quite impatient and
stern. They don't suffer people they see as fools gladly.
They can hold grudges and cut off people that they take a
dislike to.
Examples of famous Mary's include: Mary Todd Lincoln.
She was quite, vocal, critical and brash. Very tempermental. She tore into people-including Abe. It was
very hard to calm her down. Her son, Robert, had her
commited for some time. She got out. You should really
read the book "The Last Of the Lincolns." So tragic and
unfair, what happened to them. Robert wasn't like his father at all.
There's also Mary, Queen of Scots. VERY BRUTAL.
She would have her enemies killed with about as much
empathy as swatting a fly.
And there's Mary Shelly. She wrote the novel "Frankenstien" at the age of 17. She was on vacation with
two other famous writers and took up a challenge to write
horror novels. One writer wrote "Dr. Jekel And Mr. Hide."
The other wrote "Dracula." What kind of mind can conceive of "Frankenstien?" Yep. Yours is a "proceed-with-caution-personality that I should never have engaged
with, even over a blog site.
Nevertheless, I DON'T hate you. Not by a long shot.
Though I only have your name to go on, I've formed a
composit picture in my mind about you. It would help
much more if I knew your real birth date, location of birth,
the name on your Birth Certificate, and the name you go by now.
I see you between the age of 28 to 35. Very pretty and in
shape. You have blond hair with tassel curls framing the
sides of your face. You wear wooly caps in the wintertime.
Maybe you are 5'7. You likely can "get" any "normal" guy
you set your sights on. You did well in school, but your
"voice" was drowned out by family members. You should
have no trouble attracting friends and be sucessful at life.
You COULD stand for a tad more tolorance but that might
be too much to ask for "Mary."