(Is that a pregnancy joke?)

I believe that my mother actually suffered from post-partum psychosis as well as post-partum depression, and should have had serious medical/psychological intervention. I (her firstborn) survived mother's bizarre ideas and odd behaviors regarding my care, but I was hospitalized twice before I was two, due to being nearly dehydrated to death by mother.

I'm so pleased that here in the USA we are finally going to catch up to the more advanced British and European standards for medical care and screenings for expectant mothers.

Hopefully (and sooner rather than later) we will also provide the British-style visiting nurse program, whose job it is to do post-natal random check-up calls on new mothers throughout the first 6 months or so to see if the new mother is handling the stresses of motherhood OK and bonding with her new baby, check to see that the baby is thriving and well-cared for, etc.

Its about time!