Was on antipsychotics for nine years. Fun fact: Also had the first and only serious suicide attempt a month after being put on antidepressants.

Lowered the dose gradually. What you have to do is lower it a little bit, and get used to that level, which can take months. When you feel comfortable at the new level, lower it some more. Wait till you feel comfortable at that level, and lower it some more. Etc.

Was on 300. Lowered it by 25 mg each time, so about once a month, but it varied. The point is to wait until you're sure you're okay on the lower dose to lower it further. Don't rush it.

Had tried coming off before, before reading up on the cynical scam that is psychiatry. Got terrible symptoms - much worse than anything that had happened prior to taking the drugs. This was due to coming off much too fast. Came off in two weeks. And the symptoms only got really bad after many months.

So the key is to come off very slowly, at your own pace. Spent a year, as mentioned.

Cognitive level and short-term memory don't seem better - maybe even worse. But the medication was not a healthy path. Bitterness was growing. It's no different from drowning your sorrows with other drugs. There's no personal or interpersonal development - you're just bottling everything up. It's not healthy or sustainable.

Also have many long-term problems created by antipsychotics (fuck you again, psychiatry). Anger issues that were never there before. Mistrust and trouble connecting with others. It's traumatic to think you're seeking help, and then the "helper" turns out to be evil and in cahoots with Big Pharma to fleece you/the state/your insurance company. As a patient, you're just the collateral damage. Some day historians will marvel at the amount of evil psychiatry got away with right under everyone's noses.