The ACE study is so amazingly important, yet it has gotten so little press and public discussion. So thanks for making it a topic of discussion here at PT.

What was so different about the ACE study was the test subjects: they were middle-class and affluent or upper-class adults.

It's like, everyone knows that extreme poverty usually causes neglect, abuse, and exploitation of children and that the extreme stress that causes is very bad, but the test subjects in the ACE study were "regular folks", not children of poverty.

The ACE study showed that " regular" middle and upper class children were just as severly negatively impacted by highly stressful adverse childhood experiences as poor children.

It's incredibly important that this information should become general, public knowledge: chronic, extreme stress throughout childhood (and the teen years) has a LIFELONG negative impact on a person's health, no matter what your socio-economic status is.

The data and results from this study should have an integral, profound and positive impact on issues like custody disputes, funding for mental health care, interventions in suspected child maltreatment cases, and more.

So, thank you for writing about this, it is a real public service to promote awareness of the ACE study.