While I entirely agree that both pedophilia and psychopathy are inherently harmful, I don't really believe that there is such a thing as a "non-offending pedophile".

I think that pedophiles who look at child porn or even just hang around children and obsessively imagine having sex with a child are just one breath away from actually acting on their obsession and sexually abusing a child if given the opportunity and if they believe they can get away with it.

I think child sexual predators are a sub-type of psychopath and all pedophiles need to be sterilized.

I would also argue that some with severe autism engage in particular behaviors that are also quite harmful to themselves and to others.

Fecal throwing, fecal smearing and fecal eating are seriously harmful behaviors, as is a large, full grown adult with autism exploding into a rage-tantrum, or a child with autism experiencing a sensory-overload melt-down at school or at home and attacking another, smaller child, a pet, or a frail adult out of sheer terror or panic or frustration.

Psychopaths, well, they are masters of deception and sometimes you can't tell you're being targeted as their prey until it's too late. Children are particularly vulnerable to (deceptively) friendly adults because all children want attention, approval and affection, but child predators exploit that innocent and normal need for their own perverted gratification.

There are different degrees of severity with autism; some individuals who are autistic are intellectually normal or even intellectually gifted, but some are intellectually impaired and unable to communicate even by typing or holding up cards printed with words or images. It's sad, but there is an extreme range of functionality and comorbidity with autism.

I don't consider behaviors that do serious damage to the self and/or to others to be "diverse"; they're simply destructive and harmful.