Dear Anonymous A, thank you for your response. Tackling pedophilia is certainly one of the hardest societal and legal obligations that we have, and in my opinion, under-funded and misunderstood.

Chemical and surgical castration has been used to try and minimize pedophilic sexual desires, but I believe the results are mixed. Psychopathic pedophiles are likely to harm a child, regardless of castration. There are also pedophiles who hate what they do and seek help in controlling their urges. Until we can understand the development or onset of pedophilia and seek to prevent it, we need to learn as much as possible and implement measures to keep our children safe.

If heightened probabilities of destructive behavior are due to neurological difference, these behavioral sets are a part of neurodiversity. The debate then shifts to which behavior sets (conditions/disorders) are we willing to tolerate, and where do we draw the legal line.