Hi Toni,

I love your work (and have read one of your books, which I really enjoyed and found helpful), particularly your work that deals with how mindfulness can help those with chronic pain and/or illness.
But let's not forget (let's be mindful, right?! ;) that not everyone with chronic pain and/or illness necessarily and automatically benefits from Facebook.
I have multiple chronic health problems (including migraine, osteoarthritis, and bouts of dizziness/vertigo), as well as depression. But I found Facebook only aggravated my depression and did not help me to feel less isolated or feel more part of a community (on the contrary, I felt more disconnected). Perhaps my expectations of what Facebook could do were too high.
I feel more comforted by other forms of connecting with people online - like forums (especially those dedicated to whichever health problem I am facing - they are a great source of information and also offer some, modest, social benefits). I also enjoy good, old-fashioned e-mail, and telephone communications.
I realize not everyone will feel the same as I do about Facebook, and if they feel it is helpful - all power to them. But I am getting frustrated that there is just SO much pro-Facebook talk going on that some people feel socially pressured to hop on the Facebook bandwagon even when it's not helping them. Ultimately, the decision to participate (or not) in Facebook should be a personal one and people should evaluate whether or not it works for them on their own.
Sincerely and all the best,
A non-Facebooking, non-Twittering spoonie

P.S. Just to be clear, this is in no way condemning your use of Facebook or anyone else's...this is just a way to say that views of Facebook vary, and I believe it is better for people to stand by what they think is right regarding Facebook - whether that means participating, or avoiding.