I have been a Facebook user for 6 years now since 2007. Recently, I discovered I was feeling mindlessness once.logged in. I see so many useless post and I keep scrolling down for a hope of getting something better, something better.... anything better. I always stayed for more than an hour doing this. Chatting too, yes. And the time logging out, everything seemed so sorrowful and out of.life or it was continous anger for no reason(maybe seeing the good photos of my friends as you pointed out. I never figured it out) I didn't want to talk to anybody nor go outside for a walk. Everything seemed so dark and meaningless. I have parted myself for some months now. And I cannot express the boost in mental energy I have felt. Its almost like a magic for me. The things I had forgot to feel or maybe i didn't even knew how They felt. I Can also feel good staring at a rock or a small plant now, which I found dead previously. Finally I would like to say, If anyone of you guys feel even slight change in your mood, Please stop using immediately. Log out and wait for a week. Its a Very small time to get What you are missing but enough to understand the difference. I believe yiu will stop or atleast get a control over a it.

Thanks a lot for this article. I always would have considered myself Mad if I hadn't came across. Love You, Amy.