Truly, Unrealistic social comparison on face book made me so much unhappy and unsatisfied. I was feeling depressed. That is why I have decided to stay away from face book for a week.
Meanwhile, I introduce one new social media application named Bequeathit. I have been starting to use this application. As I used that application I feel that this is the best social media application from all social media application. No any competitor I have to face as people who have connected in my application only can connect me. Same as I can see the profile as well as activities only those people who are connected in my application.
One more thing that I like so much in this application is I can also know reactions of those people to whom I have sent message, video as well as picture. Now it becomes curiosity for me to know reactions of those to whom I am going to send my all pictures, videos as well as message.
I suggest you all to use this application. At least you all should try this application for a once. I can surely say that you will all also feel at that level of happiness.