Introversion and social anxiety are two very, very different things.

Not all introverts are shy. Not all extraverts are outgoing. There are outgoing introverts that would be highly offended by the fact that you linked "introverted" with "shy" in this article.

Shyness simply means fear of negative judgment. Introversion, on the other hand, is a complex scientific concept that applies to a diverse group of people. Introversion means that social interaction tends to be draining. Whether or not it comes naturally, if you're an introvert, it's going to take energy, and you'll need time afterward to recharge. Introversion means that you need more time to think before speaking. Introversion means you don't typically like pointless small talk. Introversion means that your brain is usually more sensitive to various stimuli, such as crowds, loud noises, and even the chemical dopamine.

It's possible to overcome shyness/social anxiety. Introversion, however, is more than just a mood or outlook.