Thank you for finally making it clear what cognitive therapy is! My doctor suggested cognitive therapy and I didn't believe I needed it and now I know why. By doctor I mean my neurologist. I went back and started writing a journal because we haven't found a referral in my area yet and I have found out that they are things way down back in my past that are affecting Me. I was an abused woman 20 years ago and never shed one tear for that abuse not 1. I find that I still get angry over the thought of the abuse, I still feel his hands around my neck, I still feel my head up against a wall, I still hear his words in the middle of the night, I still see my children's eyes bolgia nodded their head like
I did not realize there was a name for this type of memory. I've had to deal with this man all of my children's life. Cognitive therapy will not change the fact that his hands when around my neck