I am a 30 year victim of Parental Alienation(PA). Its so sad to me that we are still so behind in our collective understanding of the hideous disease. Groups like the Justice for Children, Houston, Texas shouted from their Fulbright and Jaworski, Llp perch that PA " was a ruse a child sexual predator father would use in a custody war to get control of the subject child". The Houston Chronicle interviewed one of their attorney soldiers, Alene Ross Levy, who said this on May 2, 2007. This demented organization set out to save children by destroying the precious bond and critical need they had with their targeted parent. Thus the Blind and the Zealot are yet among us. Works well I suppose if you're looking to find your organization with fear mongering to incite the masses to empty their packets to a sanctimonious group as this. Beware those who would have you believe such LIES.