i agree nick, why is narcissism even viewed as positive at all? first of all its confusing in light of the fact that classic, malignant narcisissm is viewed as overwhelmingly negative, and most people dont even know what it really entails int he first place and now we have a so-called "healthy" version?
if you need a source you should look up dr. greg or craig malkin, im not sure his name. he talks a bit about it and says that healthy narcissism is when people are somewhat selfish and entitled and want to feel special all the time but they still have empathy for others and are not pathologically abusive either. he claims that is healthy because they (most people) dont really prey on others. its not healthy when you have all those traits and you lack empathy which makes you predatory.
i personally feel that normalizing any type of selfishness and entitlement and labelling as healthy is a problem, and also using narcissism as a positive term. why cant it just be called old-fashioned self-esteem?
as far dark triad narcissism/sociopathy, you have to realize that nothing is cookie-cutter, all personality traits come in a spectrum and no 2 people are alike. the dark triad are at the tail end of narcissism ending up in sociopathy. all sociopaths are narcissists but not all narcissists are sociopaths