Looking at the couple comments here, I hear you, I really do.

But why is it so damned common for folks to do this knee-jerk reaction of: "But what about unhappy marriages!!"

Yes. Those are bad too. Nobody is ever saying toxic marriages are good things.

We do have studies however that show that many divorces are the result of temporary and resolvable problems. A lot of damage to children can be avoided if folks were not selfish and put in the work necessary to keep their promise of family building.

Unhealthy marriages are not excused at all. We should put just as much heat on those bad actors as the folks who impulsively divorce.

We have had a cancerous anti-family culture growing in the west since the 20th century. The temptation to choose pleasure over the duty of paying forward the gift of our civilization is painfully strong. We see the problem manifest in marriage AND divorce.

Ask yourself if you yourself are a victim of this cultural shift. How is your marriage? How many children are you planning to have? How much research have you done in order to do things the right way? Or are you leaning more towards the childless travel, Netflix, and pets side of things?