Sarah, I would probably have some of the same bias toward hardcore Liberals or even entire populations of Metro and East Coast and Hollywood dwellers had the election gone the other way...just not as strong. Again, to be so angry is to rail against half of your fellow Americans. I did not vote for Obama the first time and was even more adamantly opposed to him the second and still, I survived his presidency and though many of his policies have disgusted me, I recognize some of his accomplishments to be beneficial. We all have our own beliefs and I have never met any 2 people who believe exactly the same. In those beliefs, we each have our own hierarchy of importance.
Dr. V's effort to enlighten us in an unbiased fashion is much appreciated. The pollsters obviously got the outcome of the election wrong, why is it not possible that they have not misinterpreted or misinformed us as to the breakdown of 'who voted for whom'? Numbers don't lie, but they can easily be manipulated. Even more easily, they can be tailored on a chart to create a bias...this is common knowledge to any 'educated' individual.
Regardless, I am not a proud holder of a degree, but I am educated and have valuable experience. I also surround myself equally with people who are Institutionally Educated, under-educated and self/experience educated or educated without a degree. It is greatly offensive to see/hear/read that the half of the nation voting Trump is generalized as uneducated verses the 'enlightened' half voting for Clinton. I know of people in all categories on each side.

The sentences “I hate all Muslims / Women / Immigrants” and “I hate all White-Trash Rednecks” share more than a similar logical structure: they express the same cognitive bias toward in-group preference and out-group disgust. In logical terms, both are propositions that translate into “I hate all Xs”. X, for Trump voters and Trump haters alike, is the class of everyone who does not think exactly like them; that is, all those who do not share their views and tastes.

Those who do choose to be angry with and generalize Trump supporters should become aware of the hypocrisy of their own bias. Racist, Sexist, Trumpist.....?