No quantitative studies are ever done on media reporting and propaganda the average person is exposed to. People are more likely to die from an infection or lack of healthcare than "terrorism." We won't see any of these commercial sites reporting on any of that. It is just like so many other lies that the media promotes daily, like non stop crime coverage, and no examination of the factors that are causing it.
Psychologists sold their services to the highest bidder, the industries that profit from all of this distraction and disinformation. Maybe they should do some quantifiable research on their fields biggest money makers, the ones who craft false narratives for the industries and propagandists . The ones who misreport science because it is profitable.

We live in a country of alternate facts, and a lot of clever psychologists are cashing in on it all. Smart people are more afraid of anti vaxxers, after all they could spread disease, than terrorism. Some of us know that the corporations are conspiring to kill us all, because it is profitable.