Bobby Azarian Ph.D. wrote:

Thank you for your nice words, and it is encouraging to know that you are trying to make a difference through your everyday actions.

The Left likes to tell themselves stories that assuage their frustration that everyone doesn't agree with them. I'm sure it is satisfying to believe that people hold different opinions than yours because they are afraid, or bigots, or ignorant...that feels better than to entertain even the iota of a consideration that they may actually, in fact, have a point.

The recent events are not born out of fear, at least not fear for safety. It is a frustration of not being heard.

We are in the midst of a World-wide contest for control. The people of the US and Europe have reached their limits of tolerance.

After the Brexit (I was in London the day after -- BTW) the media talking heads wrote it off as xenophobia---ignoring the fact that the Brits have been open and welcoming to immigrants for the past 40 years. Brexit was more the fault of the EU than the British.

Our Congress, holds secret votes. Our President (whom I voted for 2 times) has over extended his right to executive orders. Our politicians lend an ear only to those with put money in their hands.

Our media is a bought and payed for lackey, charged with the task of feeding us exaggerations and politically correct viewpoints that don't match up to common logic.

The reality isn't that we've suddenly become afraid, it's that we want a say in what happens to us.

No more unilateral decisions, no more sell-out trade deals, and we want to begin dismantling the lobby machine so the our representatives can actually represent us.

To voters, Hillary represented more of the like-it-or-lump-it elitism and Trump represented nothing more than a chance to shake the jar. Will trump change things for the better? Maybe, but he is just a stepping stone for a much more adamant electorate. He'll be a one-termer if he just gives way to the Globalists and NeoCons.

I understand that it appears that Americans are becoming more Right-Wing, but it is just that the Right has been friendlier to angry voters that the DNC.

But, Americans are far more live and let live Libertarian than anyone (including ourselves) likes to admit.

It's not that we are becoming more Right -- we are just admitting that we were never as Left as we thought we were.