Thank you Dale, for a thorough, well researched great article.

Conservatives may not agree with your views, and quickly form their opinion, that progressive liberals are here to shut down the Trump administration.

I live in Sydney, Australia and have the opportunity to follow both sides. When I compare and perform my own fact checks, I still am uncertain of the division within the whole country.

I nearly fell off my chair, when my first piece of news this morning, was the president, starting his campaign rally in Florida. It took me a few minutes to adjust, as I felt that we're still in November 2016, pre-election. Many republicans saw the positive, no doubt, and continued to support him, as Trump unstoppably persecute the media at every opportunity.

Then, I see a random supporter being called up, to give his few words. It was only then, I saw the types of Americans that voted for him. It finally clicked, as you put it, a small understanding into the supporter's brain. He and millions of others are not introduced to the idea of fact checking, they have been brainwashed into making "America great again", as he openly admits, that he salutes to a cardboard cut-out of Trump every day.

The irony of all this, nothing bad has happened to America, (other than the new education secretary's fear, that grizzly bears may attack schools). The facts are right there to substantiate that America is progressing just fine. I suppose, it's the word "progress" that half of these Americans are in fear of.