Dear Sir,
I think it's important to note changes in my state & federal level do not promote egalitarianism, education or human services. Have we done studies on privitizing? I'm sure you are familiar with abuse of power esp with those holding the largest amounts. Decisions being made DO lead to crisis when implemented.
Crisis is also depending on what aspect of our country is considered at the moment, particularly democracy, legislation & foreign affairs. While I do believe in many points made in your opinions especially with Millenials is true, legal decisions in congress are being made exactly opposing what was that allowed to bring about strengths aforementioned. Sure at the moment, but after what I'm witnessing it'd be wise to visit with those directly affected by current day legislation. Would you consider privitizing your career field & removing licensing from your state board a category of growth? Is cutting education funding to schools & teachers already making less and loaded on their list to juggle in classroom maintenance. This declines quality for each child.

Again, although I agree w many of the optimistic points, we are not headed in a good direction as a whole & consequences will not show immediately, but surface later.

How is open oil drilling in our national parks not a contribution to crisis of climate change? I guess US humans don't need a green space or pasture not polluted by industrialism for recreation or pure admiration.

More than Concerned, Emily

PS I don't think the public is aware enough of narcissist abuse or its affect on human needs. It's perceived as a charasmatic, prized quality in personality when its an excuse to avoid personal & then often public responsibility in leadership roles. Many Americans recognize forms of narcissism an attribute to achieve or get what they want rather than a dysfuction to avoid. Attributes of narcissism: -Self first & only
-Can't apologize or admit wrong
-Manipulates relationships preventing interpersonal growth or respect towards others
-Dulled conscience in not being able to consider others equally