Just so tired of the black & white thinking liberal or republican characterization brings. There are not secret agendas only associated with liberals, but what happens before our very eyes, knowledge & then the acts done in secrecy. Liberalism by original definition & nature is to consider both sides, to think liberally like often pondering & researching a wholistic view as pieces in a puzzle. I think we need to see humanity, people as people, who are individuals like you or me. There are so many untruths circulating right now, all media sources are trying to distinguish what is what. I observe high levels of projection & transference with current admin, which places issues & problems on others than solutions for original source or person.

We can disagree but there has been a type of conditioning for a decade or two from one side of the political spectrum to the other that is childish in terms of who is right or wrong rather than extending ourselves beyond dogmatic values that inhibit or oppose than promote problem-solving or goodness for people as a whole.