This article is pure, unadulterated balderdash. We are not better off as a whole, and we are not headed in the right direction. People have adjusted to a much abbreviated standard of living. The new normal holds no hope for a better tomorrow. Our infrastructure is so old it's got dinosaur doo on it. Wages are eroded. People have been tightening their belts and making do with less and less. They are going without basic level of health care that was a matter of right up to the 70s and partially into the 80s because they have been sold a bill of goods at the cost of high double digit percentages of their income which buys them no health care at all. It is impossible to ride out this downer which has lasted three times as long as the Great Depression, with no light at all at the end of the tunnel. You must live in a lovely ivory tower to urge the rest of us to eat cake. More power to you. But you are blind. Stone cold blind.