Our children have ACE scores of a minimum of 6. 8+ if you subscribe to the concept that parents who alienate their children have a pathological lack of empathy, as in narcissistic personality disorder.

1. Living with a mentally ill parent. The abuser manipulates the system to get most placement.
2. Witnessing domestic abuse. The psychological abuse of the targeted parent starts long before the family ever even gets to court. Children gravitate to the most powerful parent when they feel emotionally vulnerable.
3. Psychological abuse
4. Psychological neglect
5. Divorce (high conflict)
6. Loss of a parent---us, the targeted parent!
7. Criminal behavior or substance abuse

We are fighting on the front lines to bring ACEs to the attention of child protective services. Our children need a period of protective separation to being to heal. they are being severely psychologically maltreated and they deserve the same protection as the children who are physically or sexually abused.

We are their only secure connection to provide the resiliency that they need in the face of such overwhelming adversity.

We are The National Alliance For Targeted Parents.