I death isn't so bad, why do we have an industry of people trying to prevent people from killing themselves? I suffer from pretty bad depression. I am an older guy with no chance of a job. My family despises and mocks me. I have no friends. No one should care and in fact, in less than a week after I am gone, no one will care. That is the norm in our busy, busy lives. I would prefer that the government assist in allowing those of os who are full of despair and hopelessness, to commit the act. The hot lines are useleass and stupid. They just foloow a script no matter what you are talking about (civilian and veterans hotlines - basically tell you to get professional help. The veteran told me to suck it up and get on with life.) but they really give you noe helpful advice. You go to the counselors and they give you med and maybe (if you are lucky) so counseling. Then you still have all the issues ii=n your life that have been there and are never going away but you'll feel better about being a loser. No, let us go. I have been around life long enough to know when the end is coiming and when there is no hope of anything changing. Life is cruel to many of us. No one is going to spend any money (and that is often what we need or a job), so let us go - less people to worry about. You're continued efforts to keep us alive and suffering are kind of sadistic and sick. But hey! You feel better about yourself. Bugger off and let us alone to die in peace when and where we want. It may be the only bit of control left in our miserable lives.