From my experience the wife tends to rule the bedroom. When she has less to no sexual desire then the husband is out of line when he wants sex more often that she wants it. The wife tends to be looked at as in the right and the husband looked at as he is not respectful of his wife's feelings. I do not agree with this one bit. The wife says, why am I supposed to do something (sex) when I don't want to and she says the husband should not force her to have sex. Well then how about the husband's side of the coin. The husband says the wife should be respectful of his needs and she should not force him to NOT have sex. Also if the wife is hungry she eats, if the food is not there for a length of time she may get sick. If she needs a drink of water and there is not any water she may get sick. etc. etc. The husband wants sex, he wants to be touched, to be caressed, to be held, to be kissed, he wants her to want him, to think of him as desirable, he wants to be loved by having sex, he wants to feel good, to experience a hard on to experience orgasm, if he goes without this for a period of time he also gets sick. He craves this just like a wife craves chocolate. She has hormone changes that make her moody that starts menopause. She complains that hormones makes her gain weight makes her moody, makes her grumpy etc. Well, the husband has hormones too. They make him crave sex. She tells him go take a shower, think about something else, go for a walk, read a book. Well what if the wife was really hungry. Tell her, take a shower, don't think about it, go for a walk. Sex is a real need for a man and if he does not get it he will go looking for release in a fashion that he can live with.