Sure, a lot of articles, but still cherry picked. You can do lots of "meta studies" by cherry picking, resulting in anything you want to say. There are many studies which show that porn is not harmful.

Also, you have not defined what porn is, rendering many of these studies meaningless. It might have meant something when "porn" at any given time meant only the ONE movie showing at the local XXX that everybody was scandalized by. That's no longer the case. Porn is now virtually anything you CHOOSE. It's a very different dynamic. And there is no doubt that there is now loads of "ethical porn", porn made by women for women, etc.

And no, the study were porn was "eliminated" in not a convincing study, having been done on such a short time scale, not to mention many other methodological shortcomings. In any case, these studies only address averages, and NONE of them claims that ALL people are adversely affected. And NONE of them claims that there are no benefits to any person.