Anonymous wrote:

Porn is media, just like advertising. Porn changes mens behaviour towards women and promotes violence against women,

Including, I suppose, the porn made by women for women, and a lot of porn which is gay porn? And "ethical porn" (google it) deliberately made to be educational? And BDSM porn, which is nothing but people pretending, and everybody but you, apparently, realizes it's just "pretend".

And, actually can you name a single porn movie which actually portrays the awful things you think are in porn? I'm waiting.


or the slavery that goes into its making.

Yeah, right, so Nina Hartley was a slave? And since you can get unlimited porn for free, how is it profitable to "enslave" people for porn? And because more people want to get into porn than there is opportunity, how come porn studios need "slaves"? And because the biggest draws in porn are the famous women who earn top dollar, I suppose they are slaves too?

Stop making up stuff off the top of your head.