Anonymous wrote:

And in a study of top 100 titles 87% featured violence against women in the form of verbal sexist abuse, slapping, hair pulling, anal punishment or consent breaching.

That statistic was debunked recently in another blog right here in PT. It is a cherry-picked statistic that is the most extreme such statistic that you can find, by someone who is essentially a rabid anti-porn crusader. But congratulations for presenting such a "fair and balanced" (snark) statistic.

Since such titles are so prevalent, why don't you name just a few right here that illustrate this that are not deliberate portrayals of BDSM, which is actors acting that they're acting in a consensual way, or providing such a fantasy. Are you suggesting that the actors are actually being abused? Or are you merely suggesting that they are acting it? Because if it's just acting, why aren't you here complaining about the MUCH MUCH MUCH more abusive behavior that is portrayed in any number of Hollywood movies where they kill people on a whim, sometimes by slicing their heads of in slow motion, as in some of the violent portrayals of ancient battles?


Look on fight the new drug or culture reframed for sources of this and similar studies by childrens charities too such as girl guides association of incidents of porn induced violence in schoolgirls lives suffered from male peer group.

I see your point but schoolgirls being abused by their male peers was a problem long before modern internet porn. If anything, the problem in the old days was that it was not reported as much, or as you see in some non-western cultures today (which are too poor to have porn widely available), women are blamed, and even stoned, sometimes for no reason at all. I don't think porn is what "made" the Taliban do that, etc. No, this problem didn't start with porn.