Anonymous wrote:

Alot of male supremacists here who refuse to listen to the teenages and women who have been tricked into prostitution by pimps and then had porn made of them by pimps and men customers which is then uploaded.

That's sounds like a very improbable scenario you just now made up off the top of your head. First of all, yes, there are pimps who do what you say. But you're getting off into fantasyland when you then suggest that any significant number of them force them to do porn -- for what reason when their is much more money in having them just do sex work? To upload for free? Where there's a chance that the video might contain incriminating details? Sure, maybe in a rare situation, but this is really a made-up scenario, to make what point exactly?


No consent needed, no wages paid. Cheapest form of porn, ie freebies for wankers who dont care where or how porn is made including undersge kids. Human rights isnt a big issue to porn users.

I think your biggest credibility problem here is to explain what the motivation would be for anybody to do this combination of things on a wide scale. Not credible. You're trying to hard to make a point.