Thank you? Fuck you.
Twelve years of great sex. Not one time did I say no. I never had a headache. I was never too tired
My husband started his own business. That's when our sex life started to slow down. More and more I got turned down. Sometimes it didn't even work. Then one day I open the cabinet in the garage and my whole life changed. I found the problem. I went to his work and looked on his computer. What I chopped up to working too many hours, turned out to be a lot of porn surfing. He learned it was easy to lie to my face and did it constantly. We tried therapy. It worked until we couldn't afford it anymore. Then it was back to square one. It went from three times a week 2 once a week, once every two weeks, once a month Etc. So far this year, once. And trust me it was nothing to write home about. We are now 14 years into this nightmare and quite frankly I don't give a s***anymore. Not about sex, not about him, not about life.
When he could see that it was tearing us to pieces, he didn't stop. When he could see that it was tearing me to pieces, he didn't stop. When my self-esteem was gone and my life became a depressing nightmare, he didn't stop. Why am I still here? That's a good question. At first, it was the humiliation of having everyone know that my husband would rather jack off to porn than have sex with me. Then it was because I didn't want to hurt my family. I didn't want them to know what he was doing. They know now. However his extracurricular activities have destroyed us financially and I am trapped. Thanks Marty. For explaining to everyone that it won't hurt your marriage. You're full of shit.