Every man does not watch porn. Every person has the choice to use their life as they see fit, and whether to watch porn or not is a choice, not a given. Sure, a lot of guys take the easy path. But some see the damage that porn has on society and women and choose not to have it in their lives. Those men are strong, respectful and loving, (incredibly so when you consider the societal conditioning many have had to overcome) and we can't simply deny their existence because it makes us uncomfortable that they have taken responsibility for their actions, while we look away from the impacts of our own.

Your comment strikes me as very compassionate, it seems you want to speak truth and save everyone the struggle and pain of this debate. But I want to challenge your perspective and say that porn is a choice, and not all men necessarily watch it. I think if people are consciously choosing their actions, they have more control and happiness in their lives.