Exactly. My first marriage was sexless. I told my second husband before we were married that I wanted sex, a lot of it. He said he felt the same way. We've been together for twelve years, I still want it. But now it's not very often. He chooses to jack off over me. Well fuck him too! I am attractive, loving, kind, and in good shape. I gave him a kidney for fuck's sake! He has ed due to diabetes and has to use a pump, but I never EVER complained. I willingly perform oral, whatever he wants. But he brushes me off cuz he already blew his wad to porn. Fuck him. He knows how much it hurts, but he doesn't care enough to stop. Yet if a man even brushes up against me he has a shit fit. I blame the internet. Before we had it, there were no problems. Shit. Fuck my life. I couldn't divorce him cuz of the kidney thing. Everyone thinks we're perfect. I love him but I want to run.