Of course there is no valid reason why a child wants to disengage. Is there? Those grieving parents always tell the truth when they tell you they have no idea why their child cut them off. They were loving people who gave that ungrateful brat everything it wanted, showered them with unconditional love..... Adult children who cut off their parents are mean, selfish spoiled brats. Ungrateful ingrates.

You just told those parents to stalk their estranged children and never stop or give up until they give in. Nice job, doc!

Everyone tells us to cut off contact with abusive spouses or significant others. Ignore them. Do not respond. Get rid of the partner immediately and never go back to the relationship.

Change the words spouse, partner or significant other in the paragraph above to mom, dad or parent, and watch the but-but-buts begin. That goes out the window when the estranged person is a parent.

I hear you saying, “Of course I would never encourage reconciliation with an abuser!” YOU HAVE ONLY THAT PARENT’S WORD THAT THEY ARE NOT AN ABUSER!!! Abusers will never admit they are abusers.

I am shocked and disgusted to see such an article on this site!