I think what it is, is that people just get sick of the everyday nonsense of life and all the pettiness to it overall. It takes it's toll over time, not just in the wise, but in the non-wise older folks too. Personally, I've never understood why voluntary euthanasia isn't legal. Of course there'd be no tax base left to extort should that idea ever be put into practice. I think people just get sick of the same old same old crap, even some highly successful people. For example, I've NEVER EVER felt "suicidal" (or attention needy would be a better term) but even so I am elated, with the very fact that I am getting older and thus closer to all the bullshit ending once and for all. It's not out of any sense of depression or any of that fake stuff many people set up business models around to exploit the naive. I think the masses will always be brainless and clueless and MUST have others hand them their opinions, and not just women either but insecure guys too.