I enjoyed reading this article. However there are some aspects of learning not taken into account. The first is that some learning is hard and not enjoyable. The rewards are not immediate, but will be discovered by the student later on, maybe years afterwards. In this respect - and in a very limited fashion - I believe that discipline has a value. I think there is a tremendous value in learning to face obligations that are not necessary pleasing or playful. I discovered the beauty of maths much later than school years, and I am quite certain I would have never discovered it if I hadn't been somehow forcefully exposed to it. Same with piano playing. It was hard for me. Of course one could say I didn't have good teachers. But my feeling is that I was not very much into it, and I am very grateful for having acquired the tools because somebody thought it was important. I think children need different degrees of guidance, and that some things must be learned even if they are not fun.