Good one Peter, For the sake of all of those damaged by this CAFO school system, whose graduates should be graded on their choice for president, I hope your optimistic plan grows. I'm still trying to safely donate this 175 acre farm, 3 mi. from the center of Winona, a beautiful island city on the Ms. River. Because it is protected from development by the Mn. Land Trust, incase at 86, I haven't found a worthy institution or non-profit partner before the party is over, it will become some rich sob's locked gate, show off estate. The City and County don't want it, That I want them to accept and promote the 3 acre natural burial cemetery, which could easily include the 35 acre hay field that it is part of, which at a mere $1,000 donation per grave comes to $1 million per acre, plus the free advertising of making Winona the most environmentally friendly of cities--but that takes political courage that is rare, as in changing schools. I haven't heard from WSU yet, who is removing some homes adjoining campus, for a $27 million "Ed Village", which will only house some pre-school and ed. majors. WSU just completed 2 pedestrian tunnels under 2 rail road tracks that separate the campus from their football field and proposed field house. I crossed that track 8,000 times, starting when 6, going and coming from school, never having eaten a meal in school. To be hit by a train, one either has to be stoned, stupid, suicidal or a student., so what would such a creative institution of learning do with this farm???
However, just 1.2 mi. down the road is Mn. State College Southeast, which was a Vo-Tech. They are still mostly a 2 yr. tech school, but now have added steps toward a 4 yr. degree at WSU. Some staff and an administrator have visited the farm and are bringing the pres. this week. They are very interested. I've had my own and other unschoolers here, but in rural areas, where we have what I believe is the essential open, topographically diverse acres, we lack parents who are able to trust self directed learning. After 12 yrs. of the most intensive indoctrination, the medium being the message and the medium is the ever present teacher/guard relationship, no matter how much she smiles So I forwarded Peter's love note to them today to see if they choke, in that so few, whose livelihoods are dependent on the system, care to question it. There is endless "constructive exercise" to be done on this small farm, We raise hogs, fed 100% on waste food, mostly from WSU, which can be legally done in Mn., but not Wi., Ia.or the Dakota's. The U of Mn. a Land Grant Institution that promotes ag and along with Monsanto has helped poison life, is now composting their tons of food waste, which is better than land filling; however, they could make the best use of their tons of waste food, by raising hogs or chickens on it and composting the manure, but that must be beneath the institutions dignity. All pork, beef, chickens, honey and produce raised on this farm must be sold at the farm, as is done at Gale Woods Farm, part of Hennepin County Government. Have any of you experienced programs where students participate in a more self sufficient life style, so that if they find that those years of following the teachers directions for a diploma doesn't guarantee employment, anymore than blindly following a presidents direction to fight a perceived enemy guarantees life, that it isn't beneath their dignity to become more self sufficient, even if it means raising some hogs on food waste, that we have been paid to pick up for 18 years. If Mn. State College Southeast accepts the natural burial cemetery, then we can get serious. Thanks for listening.

Dick Gallien
22501 East Burns Valley Road
Winona MN 55987
The Winona Farm

Prison bars do the confining, allowing the prisoner a mental freedom not possible in schools, where an endless barrage of assignments, lectures, questions and tests, serve the same purpose, under the guise of education, while distracting as efficiently as the cracking of whips, keeping the imprisoned from discovering and pursuing their passions, or noticing that there are no real bars------and by the time they might realize the purpose of their confinement, it is too late.