Overall, humans have learned without public schools! They have made friends, discovered things, problem solved for thousands of years without going into a petrie dish all day to memorize information, even if it is about the accomplishments of others that made our nation great. To focus on the accomplishments of others, is not to understand things- so this means is a part of the problem. Things are not accomplished through thinking about them, one does them, in real time, as that is discovery.
Why are we so removed from the real working, functioning natural world? Because we are the perfect forms to understand it. Perhaps, the freely given resources would be more effectively utilized if we worked directly with them in the real living context. The state is a fabric composed of men programmed within a narrow focus. It only has the power we lend to it. It also shows how great is the power of men, and that things are down within working together. Segregation by age, is a means of separation, or control. What really controls us, is the means of our formation, which is the physical. We must work with it, not be anti-biological. Thus, the means of balancing out this world, is to work with the biology of it, and this means focusing directly with it. That cannot happen in a sterile and closed environment for the 13 developmental years of our sentient form.
Also, realize that those first seven years a child is absorbing their world, if they are in a home, in front of a TV, with little interaction with reality, they become the program of the parents because that is their exposure. This is understood in all research in reading- we are the words we know, we are the way sound as words has been used in our initial world form from and into the time spent in the womb.
To say that the ' state' will never give up authority is in some ways, more fear mongering. We allowed it, accepted it, embraced it, through slight of hand, thus, we can change it, we can reform, it is what humans do best when realizing their potential to create.
If humans are using more of their strength to breath, then we are not moving in ways that are best for this planet, and must change, which means using our real natures to realize more symbiotic systemic designs.
Another area of concern, that is hidden, and that is a red flag in terms of how the earth is functioning, is to research sperm counts in men. They have gone way done in the last century or so. What is done is the numbers are manipulated to make that change appear to be normal, when it is not-it is an indicator of a weakening of the physical forms.
A mind consciousness, of and as a limited and set body of information, is a dualistic mind set, one that reveals itself with markers of fear because it has no real grounding in reality. This is all known and nothing new. It has been said time and again by many. And it is perpetuated with limited frameworks, must like a public school, and statements that the present framework authoring us, cannot change. Believing something is impossible, is a limitation in itself. And , it is form of fear. It is a narrow focus on projections of information, from a system that functions as knowledge and information without practical application. Knowledge and information is useless without application, because one really knows nothing. This is why opportunity is so important, it allows one to really know. It must be physical knowing. It is proper use of that natural absorbent ability.
Perhaps, the way forward, is to realize the simple, because going into a set body of information, as storied example citing all manner of labels, only leads to confusion and friction in arguing a narrow focus made huge. Meanwhile, the living flesh of this reality, is growing weaker and weaker.
Things only have the authority we give them. Thus, we are the means of change. It is who and what we are as mankind.