I like your ideas--we do need people with vision. However, as one of those blighted teachers in a K-12 institution, I not only understand the failings which you are referring to, but also see a level of idealism in this article that reflects, perhaps, your own privileged status. The kind of education you are dreaming of is as dead to the child from an abused family as the current system is. In my experience, any child who is genuinely loved and supported from home--monetary wealth has nothing to do with it--can thrive in a well-grounded K-12 public school. Any child who has suffered neglect or abuse of any kind, cannot thrive or be taught in school until the basic need of being loved is filled. I've seen this pattern for nearly the nearly 17 years I've worked in the K-12 system.

The educational system is only as healthy as society is, and the educational system is a reflection of society. This very unwelcome fact is part of the reason why it's not being successfully addressed. These problems are extremely complicated, and require much more help than, say, more credentials from teachers, more money from the government, and least of all, more regulation, i.e., "Little Timmy will be reading at grade level by grade three, or else we (the Federal/State government) will hold them back."

Sadly, the ship is sinking, and we're plugging all the wrong holes. I do not pretend to have the answer. I've only seen the problem close up. Thank you for your ideas, though; we certainly do need to move in a new direction, and we cannot do that without forums like this.