I'd be most interested in hearing about where young people of college age would go to meet other young people who are reasonably bright and have intellectual interests, other than at a college. Possibly young artists, or musicians, or actors have communities like this if course.
I myself attended UCSC for a couple years before dropping out and then camping out in the Redwood/Chapparal forest behind the campus for the next four years while maintaining friendships with students who I could share my interest in physics, math, and astronomy (without having to do the classwork), and independently reading about Zen Buddhism, Left Brain/Right Brain studies, and the writings of John Holt and James Herndon, the Robot novels of Isaac Asimov ... all of which I was also able to share with my friends. Where on Earth could I ever have found another learning environment like this?
And it all began by discovering the Tao Te Ching:
"Give up Learning, and put an end to your troubles".
- Lao Tzu